About us

Synaptic is the first-ever artificial intelligence marketing system modeled on neuron activity and learning mechanisms occurring in the human brain, exceeding the capabilities of traditional deep learning systems. Synaptic interacts with the real world and learns in real-time, reinforcing its intelligence as new concepts and situations arise. This means that Synaptic owns the same limitless understanding of information that humans enjoy. Founded in 2018, Synaptic’s mission is to help businesses to understand the behaviors of not only their customers but also of the people, devices, objects, and institutions they interact with. Synaptic can easily understand the patterns they form and then predict future behaviors. Synaptic acts as an extremely intelligent and sophisticated member of brands’ marketing teams, revealing the invisible, converting this into intelligence, autonomously acting on these data, across channels, devices and formats, all in real time. Synaptic eliminates complex tasks that limit the effectiveness of digital advertising and marketing while significantly increases revenues, the ability to make more informed investment decisions, and reduces costs.